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The secret of Happiness

Fiz esse texto como um trabalho há alguns dias, e recebi como recompensa um recado no canto da página do meu professor que me deixou super feliz. Eu realmente senti vontade de compartilha-lo, não apenas por ter sido meu melhor "essay", mas por que ao escrevê-lo pude notar que eu sei um monte de coisas sobre como alcançar a felicidade, mas poucas ponho em prática.
É hora de mudar.

Topic: Happiness is sought by most people in their lives. What factors lead to happiness? 

Since the first days people have been trying to find the secret of happiness.  Many have made theories and written books, created many steps and stereotypes. However, in my view, happiness is a state of mind we can achieve with apparently three simple actions: being optimistic, motivated and enjoying life in company with other people.
One person who sees just the difficult side of  life cannot be happy. The reason is because this person will always be unsatisfied. On the other hand, if you can look at a bad experience, it can sometimes give you an opportunity to “open your eyes” to the best things in your life. One example is when people who always complain but do not undertake to do anything positive to rectify the situation. It is impossible to be happy being a pessimist or inactive. 
The second step is motivation. When you want to do something, you need to choose the best way. Always finish things you start and don’t abandoned your goals because they have become more difficult  than you imagined.  It reflects  everything in your life: your career, health, studies and relationships.  Some people have dreams but they don’t have motivation  to realize them. You can’t reach  happiness  with a list of dreams and “ifs”: if I had done, if I had  said that... It isn’t the way. You need to know what you want, and then start to work toward that. And this includes simple things,such as walking half an hour per day, finishing a book and achieving  your best in your job.
Finally, nobody can live alone. Everybody needs company. The sooner you learn this, the better for you.  Probably the real disease of the century is loneliness. People become more and more independent and think it is possible to be happy alone, without someone to share their moments. Can be a friend, a relative or a romantic love. Maybe a pet! The fact is -  happiness is a collective feeling.  It is more achievable if you have someone who can share part your life and experiences. In the same way, when you have a bad moment, if you have someone to talk to, dealing with a situation may become easier than dealing with it alone.

In short, happiness is not a simple present, but a consequence. You need to work at your feelings and actions day by day. It is essential to believe in your goals and to realise that sometimes bad things happen to good people.  At all times you need to be an optimist. Then, you need motivation to achieve your goals. And you need each other, because loneliness and happiness are enemies. These are simple  steps everyone knows, but not all practice them.

  Lorem Krsna
Brisbane, Australia, 2014

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  1. Uau!! Texto maravilhoso! Estou devorando seu blog! Vc é demais!!!!


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